Digital Divas

Monday, September 12, 2016

Your Life and Your Career: Practical Tools to Drive Your Career Forward Without Losing Control of Your Life

What: Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, Digital Divas

When: September 12th, 2016

Where: Grace Midtown Church – Northside Campus

Speaker: Lisa McCarthy, CEO and Founder of Fast Forward Group

This past Monday evening I had the pleasure of attending AIMA’s Digital Divas event. The guest speaker was Lisa McCarthy, CEO and Founder of the Fast Forward Group, a company that focuses on helping people elevate performance and fulfillment in their lives. As Lisa McCarthy took the stage, the audience was given a brief introduction to her career. Lisa has an impressive resume, which includes stints at Univision, Viacom, and CBS. Through her work experiences, she was led to start the Fast Forward Group. Following the introduction, Lisa began to share some tools that have lifelong relevance and importance to AIMA members’ careers.

Lisa explained a term she described as High Performance Living (HPL), which involves taking time to think about what extraordinary success looks like for you.  High Performance Living was the backbone of her entire message, and she shared with us her perspectives on the most important steps to achieving high performance.

After defining High Performance Living for us, Lisa challenged her audience. She told us that the only way to achieve HPL is to always be present. She explained that this takes a lot of practice, but the best way to begin this practice is by being fully present during her presentation. This challenge certainly grabbed my attention, and I believe it did for everyone else, as I saw people sit up in their seats and put telephones away.

Next, Lisa explained the first of two key power principles to achieve HPL. The first was termed Manage Your Inner Voice. This inner voice was further defined as your Self Saboteur, the negative and critical thoughts that creep into your head whenever you are down on yourself. She said that everyone has this voice and that there was no way to ever permanently get rid of it. All we can do is learn the best way to manage it. After that, she assigned us an activity. Lisa asked us to write down all of our negative thoughts on a piece of paper.

What Lisa did next was a truly powerful moment in the event and I believe something that allowed everyone to take something meaningful away from the night. She asked us to share these thoughts out loud with the person next to us. This felt awkward to me at first, but afterward, I found it a tremendous relief to acknowledge these thoughts and voice them to someone else.

Lisa explained after the exercise that the best way to manage your Self Saboteur is by getting these thoughts out of your head and into the open by sharing them with another person. It is through vocal expression of thoughts that we are best able to reset and move on.

The final thought Lisa shared with us that evening was a charge to always get your facts right in any situation. She reminded us that we, as humans, have the tendency to overthink and exaggerate the negative possibilities that might arise from an action we take (Ex: Arriving late for a meeting). The advice she gave us was to think about what happened from another perspective. From another perspective you can see how silly your fears are — just admit you were late and move on.

Lisa gave a thought provoking and very helpful presentation using tools to help us approach our work each and every day.  Negativity will be a part of any career, so she encouraged us to grow and move forward from these occurrences.  Using the tools Lisa shared will give us the opportunity to perform and operate at our best in the workplace and in life.

Blog by Mitchell Green, a Digital Marketing Intern at Relevance Advisors