Tuesday, February 6, 2018

myAIMA: Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018 – This is a year filled with big changes and as our tagline goes [Network, Share, Learn] we want to begin growing on the share component by sharing stories from board members, volunteers, and members about their experiences with AIMA over the years. We call it myAIMA.

We’re kicking off the series by hearing from the 2018 commander and chief, this year’s AIMA president – David Favero. He has been a valuable volunteer of AIMA since 2009. David has served in various roles over the years from leading the annual awards event to running our finances. Let’s hear about his experience and why he’s stuck around for so long.

David Favero – 2018 AIMA President

For me, getting into digital marketing was tough – especially for a non-Millennial.

I was born and raised in Atlanta. After high school, I went to UGA to party then finished at Georgia State with a degree in Computer Information Systems in 1997.  With my new degree, I was hired by IBM as a programmer within their Global Services division, a large services arm for custom application development and large systems integrations. I had no marketing experience. None.

Fast-forward to 2009. The economy was in the tank and many people found themselves looking for work, myself included. After several fits and starts, I was lucky enough to find a job with an online publisher and was tasked with helping the company monetize itself through partnerships and online advertising. Problem: placing a 35 year-old programmer/project manager into a job selling digital advertising to digital natives. I was drowning in a world of PPC, CPC, CPM, and KPIs….It was sink or swim.

Turn to AIMA.

I needed help so I checked out AIMA and found a path to marketing education and networking. It was a perfect fit for me: new job, new lingo, new friends….I loved it and quickly decided to deepen my involvement and start volunteering. I dove into various committees and SIGs (special interest groups), from the Social Media SIG to chairing AIMA Awards. Along the way, because of AIMA, I learned a lot, made new friends, and pivoted jobs along the way. I owe AIMA a lot.

AIMA Awards 2013

Years later, I’m still learning, I’m still making new friends, and I’m blessed to be surrounded by great volunteers. Our volunteers are the heart-and-soul of AIMA and my favorite part about them: they come to AIMA to Network, Share, and Learn. They give up their valuable time to help us keep our marketing programs going; to keep sponsors happy; to keep our scholarship program running smoothly; to keep our finances in order; to keep our events calendar full; to keep AIMA dynamic; to keep AIMA strong; and keep AIMA going full speed into 2018!

Our volunteers spent considerable time in 2016 and 2017 focused on improving AIMA across a few key pillars: membership value, quality educational events, and the best networking events. We took your feedback and have been hard at work putting a plan into action – and look at what we’ve achieved!

  • We have redefined our membership model to allow members access to our events at no additional cost;
  • We have an events calendar that is consistent and predictable with great educational content across a variety of topics, from Innovation to Coffee Connections; and
  • We are continuing to invest in throwing the best social networking events in the city!

Next up in 2018 is a renewed focus on our Scholarship program. Our program aims to strengthen relationships with local colleges and universities to recruit diverse candidates from across our community while amplifying AIMA’s connection with Atlanta by focusing on civic engagements around the city. Let’s give back to Atlanta!

It promises to be a great year at AIMA, but it couldn’t be this way without our great volunteers.….and our members, and our sponsors, and our guests. Thank you.

Let’s have a great 2018!

2017 Board of Directors @ SummerSocial