Thursday, November 19, 2015

AIMA Intern Spotlight: Rance Nix

This week I sat down with Rance Nix to learn more about him, his experiences, the AIMA internship, and what he’s been up to! Let’s hear more from Rance!

Introduce yourself!

My name is Rance Nix. I’ve been a part of AIMA for a couple of years. I studied Advertising at the University of Georgia and also received the Music Business Certificate. In the summer of 2013, I interned at BBDO as an account management intern on the Device and Value and Network teams for the AT&T account. I got involved with AIMA and participated in the events and scholarship opportunity. I, along with Dawn Parker, was fortunate to be chosen as a recipient of the internship scholarship that year.

Awesome! Congrats on being chosen as a recipient! What happened next?

When my internship concluded, I realized that I wanted to really pursue acting and entertainment. While I really enjoyed my time at BBDO, working in an office wasn’t quite the place for me. My goal in life is to positively impact every person that encounters or meets me. With that in mind, acting and entertaining is a vessel to reach even more people. My senior year, I really started focusing my energy on pursuing acting. I continued to host events on campus, create fun YouTube videos, and started doing some standup. After graduation, I went full force. Currently I’m in New York. In August I acted in an off-broadway play called Las Meninas. I have a lead role in a small film coming up and another play on deck for December.

Wow, that’s quite a career shift. After deciding to pursue a career in acting, did you keep in touch with AIMA?

Yes, even though I decided to pursue acting I kept in touch with Mr. Peter Lane, Ms. Krisi Lane, Mr. Steven Roe and others involved with AIMA. I also continued to participate in AIMA events, especially the ones geared toward the summer interns looking to receive one of the scholarships. I even hosted the 19th hole/reception of the first AIMA Scholarship Golf Classic. The AIMA events were an awesome opportunity to meet new people, check out the cool offices of other agencies, and learn more about digital marketing.

Good to hear. Peter, Krisi, and Steven are great folks. Any highlights from your involvement with AIMA?

For me, the best part of AIMA was going and checking out other AIMA members’ offices. Digital marketing and advertising agency offices are some of the coolest around. I always enjoyed seeing how other agencies functioned on a day to day basis.

Yes! I can confirm that agencies have some of the coolest offices–my agency, Object 9, just broke in to our new space. Shuffleboard table, bright green and orange walls, and faux deer heads to name a few decorations… 

Any tips for students?

My tips for an up and coming intern/college student is to work hard and be noticed. Be the best at your internship. In addition to being the best, take advantage of the networking opportunities with AIMA. You never know who you will meet. When you meet the right people and you do good work, the only place to go is up!

So are you still using the social/digital skills you learned from your time around AIMA?

Even though I no longer work at a digital marketing or advertising agency, I’m still very much involved in the business. As an actor, I am my brand and I constantly have to maintain a strong online presence. Whenever, I roll out a new video on YouTube, picture, or article I try to strategize on how the major social media platforms can be used for maximum impressions and interactions. Keeping up with my online presence has indeed helped. Starting out, many if not most of my big acting opportunities have come about because of a solid online presence.

Exactly. Personal branding is everything, and social media is a great way to start building a brand.

Yes. Social media is the new way to pave your own way as an entertainer. As silly as it sounds “Internet famous” is definitely a thing. There are kids online that are younger than me putting out amazing content on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and even Snapchat. Often, brands will come to them to promote a product or they get offered parts in movies and television shows because they have a well-established fan base.

“Internet Famous” … Sounds like it should be a movie or something. But I agree – some of the things millennials and Gen Z are creating is unreal. I know Lowe’s used some of these influencers on their Vine page in the past.

So anything you miss from good ol Georgia?

Being in New York, I miss SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. Southern Hospitality is pretty much nonexistent in New York. I say “Yes sir” or “yes ma’am” and people almost yell at you for addressing them as your senior.

I also miss Waffle House, soul food, free chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants. Basically everything about the South I miss. On the other hand, I like New York because everyone is hustling. Everyone is focused on his or her own goals and aspirations. It’s competitive but I love to compete and I know that if I continue to work harder than the next person, I will succeed.

Fortunately, the University of Georgia has a strong network of alumni in New York City. I have several friends that moved up here since graduation. There’s also a “UGA bar” where all the alumni go and watch the games on the weekends. When I go I feel like I’m right back home.

It always helps to have a taste of home and Southern Hospitality in a city like NYC. With a network like yours, I’m sure you’ve been able to meet up with old friends and make some new ATL –> NYC transplant friends as well.

Thanks again, Rance! We’re thrilled to know you, and excited to follow your career!

… Literally, you can follow him here:

Instagram: @RanceNix
Vine: Rance Nix
Twitter: @RanceNix
LinkedIn: Rance Nix
Facebook: Rance Nix

Interview and write-up by Steffan Pedersen (AIMA Blog Manager, Object 9 Social Media Director)