Hey there, remember us?

For 20 years, the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AIMA) has been the hub for Atlanta's finest community of marketing professionals. We've connected, educated, and celebrated thousands.

(We throw some mighty good parties too.)

But then, 2020 arrived.


Rest assured, you're not going to read another message that says "these uncertain times."
We're only looking forward. And we hope you will come with us.

with that in mind... *drum roll please*


Many Atlanta marketers know AIMA for great parties and informative thought leadership from the world of digital marketing. That's accurate. But today, we're becoming so much more. 

AIMA is more than a place to network - it's a community of hungry, like-minded marketers. AIMA isn't just based in Atlanta - it IS Atlanta. We're building toward the vital and diverse culture that makes our city so special.

AIMA doesn't just dig into digital marketing. We're constantly exploring the innovative future of marketing - whatever that might mean. 

That means AIMA isn't just about events anymore. It's a hub for conversation, inspiration, and celebration that happens in person, in digital spaces, and everywhere that Atlanta's marketers go to be celebrated and hone their craft.

AIMA is not just the future of marketing - We're the future of Atlanta too.